Services & Activities

Timely definite reporting to our principals for all operational minutes relevant to vessels' attendance.

Handling discharging / loading agency:

  • Arranging all port formalities in due time.
  • Updating all concerned parties with vessels’ status/prospects.
  • Attendance on board by our port staff.
  • Sending all related documents to all concerned parties including NOR and SOF.
  • Reviewing/arranging for issuance of vessel’s final D/A in accordance with port original invoices/vouchers received.

Protecting agency

  • We act as a protecting agent for our principals when other agents are appointed by counterparts, having been entrusted with this role we entirely cover vessels’ status during port stay, reporting relevant prospects and events to our principals while also carrying out all relevant matters that we may be assigned of.

Accurate and competitive D/A

  • Provide port disbursement estimates for calling vessels to be settled under final port disbursement in accordance with original official invoices and vouchers received from port authorities and concerned parties.