Vessels over age of 25 years

Vessels over age of 25 years

In case vessel’s age is about 25 years, Suez Canal engineers will inspect vessel’s body and machine. If the body and machine are in a good condition, the vessel will transit without the need of the Escort Tug (of USD 22000 X SDR prices at the date of Transit ). While if NOT, the vessel will be allowed to transit Suez Canal only with one or two Escorts Tug/s ( this costs is NOT included in the D/A ).
Sea trial costing USD 2000 will be arranged prior vessel transit.

Extra certificates required for Suez Canal transiting vessels with age exceeding 25 years :

  • Certificate of class (including Hull and Machinery Certificate) (VALID UNIL).
  • International Load Line Certificate ( VALID UNTIL).
  • Cargo ship safety construction certificate ( VALID UNTIL ).
  • Cargo ship safety equipment certificate ( VALID UNTIL ).
  • International safety management certificate ( VALID UNTIL ).
  • International ship security certificate ( VALID UNTIL ).
  • International oil pollution prevention ( VALID UNTIL ).
  • Last class status report.
  • Last port state control inspection report.

First Time Transit

Prior Vessel’s transit, Suez Canal engineers / inspectors will attend the vessel for inspection / collecting of below mentioned plans for the purpose of calculating / issuance of vessel’s SC NRT which will be the base of calculating this 1st transit voyage ( in Final D/A with SC original Invoice figure ) and further vessel’s voyages of Suez Canal transit.

  • Please note: SC NRT figure will be issued by Suez Canal measurement department within 4 – 5 weeks of vessel’s sailing when the original plans will be ready to be released to the agent for further dispatch / delivery to owners / vessel.
  • Enabling SC inspectors / measures to provide accurate SC NRT figure, Owners/Master should revert whether Suez Canal Tonnage Certificate is issued by vessel’s Class ( it is NOT essential for transiting the canal but availability of the certificate will enhance better estimation to SC NRT figure at Suez Canal records ).

  • Below, the ORIGINAL plans which will be collected by Suez Canal inspector prior transit (which will be used for calculating vessel’s SC NRT figure ) :
    - Original General Arrangement
    - Original Arrangement in Engine Room
    - Original Capacity Plan
  • HOWEVER , owners can provide a COPY of the above plans to be collected instead of the originals conditioned availability of CLEAR copies at the SAME SIZE of the Originals (Subject to Suez Canal Inspector opinion).
  • Sea trial costing usd 2000 will be arranged prior vessel transit. Sea trial will be arranged in case of the following:
    - Changed name + flag
    - Vessel is transiting Suez Canal for the first time
    - Vessel transited the Suez Canal for more than 10 years in the past